For each of the following questions, place the numbers 4 to 1 in front of the corresponding sentence.

Use the following system to indicate your preferences:
(4) What describes me the most
(3) what describes me well
(2) what describes me not so well
(1) What describes me the least
  • 1234
    my feelings
    the way that sounds best
    what seems best to me
    a study and accurate review of the situation
  • 1234
    the tone of a speaker's voice
    seeing (or not seeing) another's point of view
    the logic of another's point of view
    whether or not I feel in touch with the genuine feelings of the other person
  • 1234
    the way I dress and look
    the feelings that I share
    the words that I choose
    the tone of my voice
  • 1234
    find the ideal volume and adjust an audio system
    choose the most significant point about an interesting topic
    choose the most comfortable furniture
    choose rich and attractive color combinations
  • 1234
    am very sensitively attuned to my environment
    am adept at researching the meaning of data and new facts
    am very sensitive to the sensations that different clothes provoke on my body
    strongly react to the colors and the appearance of a room