About us

Learning English and French easily and quickly is possible at B-COM!

B-COM Linguistic Solutions offers customized courses to help you communicate more effectively with your customers, partners and prospects.

B-COM puts its expertise at your service everywhere in the WORLD!

B-COM offers you a personalized approach and a range of services that includes English and French LANGUAGE COURSES for businesses and professionals, as well as translation, revision and interpreting services!

We strive for your satisfaction!

If B-COM has grown steadily over the years, it is mainly because our customers are satisfied and share it with others by word of mouth. This satisfaction is based on several factors:

  • The quality of our teaching staff
  • Our approach, based on learning profiles
  • Our courses focused on the sector of activity of your business
  • Our philosophy in terms of teaching methods, we believe that learning a new language should be a pleasant and stimulating experience
  • Our courses are available all over the world through our new online course platform