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Maximize the effectiveness of your workforce...

with a training program adapted to businesses.

Foreign language proficiency can play a strategic role in your business development. Today, in the vast majority of cases, the second language is English.

B-COM is here to help you achieve your business objectives by maximizing the potential of your workforce, in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere, while respecting your constraints. Our courses are now available around the world through our new online course platform.

This is what makes B-COM your ultimate learning partner!

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Professional Services
Translation and revision

B-COM also offers a range of language services in English and French.

Our team of professionals is available to translate or adapt (review) your documents, communications, forms, service offers, quotes, marketing documents, websites, online content, legal documents, etc.

We also offer an interpreter service for your exhibitions, trade show booths, international negotiations and business trips.

Services professionnels de traduction et révision

B-COM offers customized English courses to help you communicate effectively with your customers, partners and prospects.

Maximize the effectiveness of your workforce...

  • Methods adapted to your learning profile
  • Focused on the sector of activity of your business
  • Teacher selected according to the personality and interests of your employees
  • Flexible hours
  • Performance certificates
  • Online courses available for groups and individuals

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Our teaching is adapted to your learning profile


Did you know that our courses are tax deductible?
You can therefore claim your training fees and expenses for educational materials provided that those are eligible expenses.

Nos cours de langues sont déductibles d’impôt